Grian A. Cutanda

Grian A. Cutanda
The Avalon Project


I'm a Spanish author, researcher, educator, psychologist, and social and environmental activist, but I've also worked on elite sport and media.
In 2003 I founded The Avalon Project - Initiative for a Culture of Peace, an educational and activist NGO. Campaigns and mobilisations: Iraq War, Zero Poverty, and Indignados Protests. In Scotland, People's Climate March at Edinburgh and the climate change campaign in 2015.
PhD cum laude in Social Education (University of Granada, Spain), BA and MA in Psychology, and a MA in Education.

Escritor, investigador, educador, psicólogo y activista social y medioambiental. Autor del bestseller internacional "El jardinero" (Obelisco, 1996). Fundador en el año 2003 de The Avalon Project - Initiative for a Culture of Peace, una ONG educativa y activista.
Doctorado cum laude en Educación Social (Universidad de Granada), Máster en Innovación e Investigación en Educación y una Licenciatura en Psicología.


Another World Is Possible: Alternatives to Neoliberal Globalisation
 2 Free
5 Oct 2015 - 27 Nov 2015