Carolina salazar

Carolina salazar
Creative Problem Solver & Design Thinker
Design Thinking Institute



Caro Salazar From 1998 to the present Carolina Salazar has had 100 jobs in 4 professions, completed 4 master programs around the world, presented over 1000 presentations around the globe ;Its member of ACA ( American Creativity Association) , CPSI( Creative Educational Foundation), ACRE Sud Africa, CREA Europa ; and Creativity & HumanDevelopment. Working with more than 200 enterprises around the world.

Their 5 areas of their business and profession: 1.- Bilingual Executive Coach / Erickson College Vancouver Canadá. 2.- Master Global Compensation and Competency Models / OIT Turín Italia. 3.- Creative Problem Solver Facilitator CPSI CEF/ CPSI Buffalo University. 4.- Business Intelligence and Disruptive Innovator / Problem Solver Innovation and Design Thinker / Harvard University. 5.- Creative Problem Solver Trainer


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