Annie Chase



Hello! My name's Annabeth Chase. I am a professor at Hogwarts and I teach Defence Against the Dark Arts. I was at Hogwarts myself when I was younger. The things it taught me saved my life in many ways. The professors inspired me to do good for the world. During my time at Hogwarts, my heart was set on being an Auror. I worked very hard and got Outstanding on all of my OWLs and NEWTs but I was especially excelled in DADA. After I left Hogwarts, I became an Auror. For a year, I was an Auror protecting the wizarding world from 'Death Eaters' (term for followers of Voldemort). However, when Harry Potter (peace and blessings be upon him) defeated 'he-who-is-now-named', Aurors were not needed as much. Annoriel Woods contacted me with a job offering. I accepted. Now I could inspire (hopefully) new pupils as my Professors did to me. I am very determined and work hard. I work well in a team and am a Proud head of Zapetto I hope you enjoy Hogwarts and DADA as much as I did.



Defence Against the Dark Arts: 1st Year
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