Zsolt Bugarszki

Zsolt Bugarszki
Tallinn University


Zsolt Bugarszki, PhD is lecturer at Tallinn University Institute of Social Work. He was born in Budapest, Hungary. For more than 12 years he had been teaching at ELTE University's Faculty of Social Sciences in Budapest. Besides his academic career he has been working in different services and development project in the field of community-services in many Eastern-European and post-Soviet countries. His special expertise is service development in low- and middle income countries. He is the director of CARe Europe.


Community Support and Community Development
 21 Free
29 Oct 2014 - 5 Dec 2014
Madness as Human Experience
 9 Free
21 Jul 2014 - 25 Jul 2014
Social Enterprises
 18 Free
25 Apr 47498 - 8 Apr 47509
Service User Involvement and User Oriented Services
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2 Sep 2015 - 1 Dec 2015