Linda Zee

Linda Zee
Professor of Spanish
Utica College



When I'm not working I'm outside as much as possible: working out, doing trail work or working in the garden. If I'm forced to be inside, I'm reading or watching movies. I had delusions of running a marathon for years, and in 2010 I made this a reality in the Marine Corp Marathon! Unfortunately I was not happy with my time, which means I had to do another. I was sick and injured and didn't train properly, and once again was unhappy with my time. So I registered to run a third. And life got in the way again. Which most likely means training for #4. Yes, runners are idiots. I love to travel; I've been to over 25 countries--100 to go! And 47 states. I've been to Cuba and Bolivia, but not the Statue of Liberty, despite growing up nearby. I've had the great good fortune to live in a brewery with a prolific, some might say obsessive, home brewer. If you learn nothing else from my classes, memorize this: "Life is too short to drink bad beer. 'Lite' beer is not beer."


Spanish 102 @ UC
 22 Free
27 Aug 2014 - 15 Dec 2014