Lindsay Beard

Lindsay Beard
ML for National Novel Writing Month



Living in a fantasy world to escape her parents divorce, L. Anne Beard began making up stories at an early age and began committing them to paper as soon as she could as well. Finding safety even in the darkest of moment of her imagination, she preferred that to the pain and eventual banality of her life growing up. Writing her first complete novel when she was 15 she received praise from her friends and instructors for creativity.

Life happened, as it does and L. Anne Beard packed up her stuff and started a gypsy lifestyle for bout 15 years before finally settling in the South. It was then that she picked up the pen once more. Writer, crafter, historical geek, fangirl and office supply enthusiast, she has been called by many names. She is proud to add Semi-Finalist to that list for The William Faulkner-William Wisdom Competition for her first National Novel Writing Month novel, “A Fog in Charleston”.

L. Anne Beard currently reside in Charleston with her husband, dog and cats.


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