phearoun phel

phearoun phel
ICT in Education
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport


I have been working for Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport since 2011 as a ICT specialist assisting to ICT in Education Office of Department of ASEAN Affair. My main duties are to provide general ICT support to the ministry, to participate in textbook writing and ICT curriculum developing to be used in General Secondary Education and Teacher Training Institutions, to provide ICT and online training courses, to design ICT questionnaire and infrastructure to be used for Ministry and relevant educational institutions. Moreover, I have been actively working on developing online educational portal ( & and digital content to support e-learning and massive open online course(MOOC) in Cambodia education sytem. More importaintly, I have been working to promoting the use of Social Media including facebook(, twitter.. etc. to be useful for education system in Cambodia.


Professional life (Group 2) 2014
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Professional life (Group 1) 2014
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30 Dec 2014 - 30 Oct 2015
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Professional life (Group 2) - academic year 2015-2016
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31 Oct 2015 - 1 Apr 2016
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