Sören Forsdal

Sören Forsdal


My base education is in electronics. After that I have worked in many fields, like programmer, security expert, company advisor school teacher and web designer.

I build electronics things and make stuff with my 3D printer. I also make videos and some music.

But my big interest has always been poker. After I watched a poker show for about 8 years a go I start to learn texas hold'em poker. I have made videos about poker and made some apps for android about poker. I try to teach people what I can. I have planed for a long time to make some sort of course about poker. Now I can do that to.

I do make videos and has done some music and plan to make a lot more of that. I have good sound system so I can record good sound for my videos or music.

I also love to help people out with any problem they have.


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