Vitaly Repin

Vitaly Repin
Dare to know!


Vitaly learnt PDP-11 assembler at the age of 13, completed his university studies in Saint Petersburg and started his carrier at Nokia Open Source Operations in 2007. Now he is the founder and CEO of Metida Print, young and energetic Finnish startup company.

During his carrer he managed to deliver multiple complex, free software projects such as Meego Email client and rose to become the Product owner of Productivity related applications.

His last project was award winning N9, the last Nokia phone build using open source & free technologies. Vitaly is passionate cyclist, loves weird music a true global citizen and his personal credo is "Sapere Aude!" - "Dare to be Wise". He believes the world should be open and free by collaborating and understanding each others strengths and weaknesses.


Road to the Free Digital Society
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4 May 2015 - 7 Jun 2015