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TSP Workforce Solutions & Development is a Non-profit public employment service established to assist employers in finding qualified workers and to assist workers in finding suitable jobs. There is $20.00 fee charged to the employer or applicant for our services only to sustain future cost of services. TSP WFSD staff will assist employers by screening and referring applicants to job openings, providing critical labor market information for business and economic planning, and coordinating statewide Employer Advisory Committee activities. TSP WFDS is not a product of the Virginia Workforce Network and is not managed or maintained by the Virginia Employment Commission.

For Employers - We support area employers and businesses of all sizes through customized training, small business development, job skill assessment, and employee transition.

For Individuals - Short-term training in Business, Cyber Security, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and other various trades.
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TSP Workforce Development & Solutions allows online users the opportunity to utilize services for job training and research, and certified training and certification prep for customers to submit with their applications for employment. Our employment development partners are available for meetings both by appointment via online sessions or phone calls. GED classes are offered online that makes for a more productive learning environment. In a nutshell, TSP WFDS provides free or low-cost services to employers and job seekers in a One-Stop Employment and Training environment. In addition, our partners are available to assist with the following areas: Ex-Offender issues, Financial Concerns, Living Skills, Mental Health Issues, and Personal Barriers

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