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Our service to over 15000 teachers and 200 NGOs is based on 3 principles:


Free to use

For an individual instructor, Eliademy is completely free to use, forever.


No tricks

We do not sell any data about you to third parties or monetize on your content. Ever.



Content always belongs to the instructor and is stored in secure EU data centres.

We intend to keep this promise and hope you can contribute to help grow the platform, and keep it open, stable and accessible to all. There are a few ways.

Support by donation

As a business residing in Finland, we cannot accept donations. However, by choosing to buy any of those courses you support our work and help us make Eliademy better and better.

And if you would like to donate your course as well, publish a story about our mission or share a testimonial, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

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If you genuinely like our service, even though it is far from perfect, please let your colleagues and friends know about it. An email, a blog entry or a simple share on social media can bring lots of new people to Eliademy. Which is vital to develop service further. And who knows, maybe your friends and colleagues will discover just the tool they have been looking for.

Become localization volunteer

We want to make online learning accessible in all languages of the world. For this, we need your help. One string, sentence or a whole language, any help is much appreciated. Join our translation community who already makes Eliademy available in over 36 languages. It really means a lot to our team.

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