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Smart College Consulting’s Smart Courses are designed for students who will be applying to and enrolling at US colleges and universities. All courses are designed and taught by experienced instructors with proven student success records. Smart Courses are offered online (for non-local students) as well as on site (for those within commuting distance to Blacksburg, Virginia USA).
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TOEFL & Academic Transitions (College Success) Courses
Academic Transitions - Recognizing that support needs for international students differ from national students, this course addresses American and academic culture, the English language, and culture shock. It is intended to aide students in reducing stress, increasing academic skills, and enhancing campus and community life. The TOEFL was developed by ETS (Educational Testing Service) to measure the ability of non-native English speakers to succeed at an academic institution. The test evaluates listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. A TOEFL score measures the communications skills of those wishing to be accepted to a post-secondary school where English is the native language.This course is designed to prepare you for the iBT.

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