SH Empowerment Academy

What is our goal? Improve the Enviornment in which Children are Raised.
How are we doing it? By helping out the very people who have the greatest impact on children: The Children's Parents!

We have 3 Targets:
1. Improve peoples Self-Image by helping them adopt more effective THOUGHTS, BELIEFS and HABITS.
2. Help families become Financially Independent by learning basic money concepts and how to apply them to their own situation.
3. Develop parents into Leaders and Centres of Influence by helping them with their Communication Skills.

In Summary: Parents who have more self-confidence and self-acceptance will be better equipped to raise healthy children with similar values.
Parents who eliminate the stress of poor financial management can focus their time and energy on their children instead of their money problems.
Parents who become Leaders and Centres of Influence set a positive example for their children to follow and provide a positive role model for other children in the community as well.

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