Saarikoski Ville

A teacher at Laurea University of Applied Science.

The courses on this landing page are available as part of the Laurea curriculum. Students from other universities of applied sciences are welcome to enroll through e.g.

Anybody interested in the content is free to enroll and participate in automated quizzes, but their essays will not be reviewed and hence they will not be eligible for university credits.

I have courses in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Some courses are available all the year round, in all three periods. Some courses are available only once a year. I try to keep on my landing page an assortment of my courses containing either a future, ongoing or past example of my course. The courses are designed to be online courses. However when e.g teaching abroad I may invite classroom students to enroll to benefit from the online material and online quizzes.

My key focus and interest is to teach how the digital economy differs from the physical. Related to this focus I have an interest in and teach courses on Research Methdos, Innovation and Strategy
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