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Research is getting a global makeover, in part thanks to the power of the internet and the tools it provides for us, and in part due to a growing call for accountability (e.g., reproducibility and data provenance) in research. Global policies are emerging at different levels that include some aspect of Open Research, Open Scholarship, or Open Science, and inclusive of all research disciplines. But our universities are often letting us down, and they are not teaching us the knowledge, tools and skills we need to do research effectively in the 21st century.

Open Science is about increased rigour, accountability, reproducibility for research. It is based on the principles of inclusion, fairness, equity, and sharing. Open Science can be viewed as research simply done properly, and it extends across the Life and Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics, to Social Science and Humanities.

This MOOC is designed to help equip students and researchers with the skills they need to excel in a modern research environment. It brings together the efforts and resources of hundreds of researchers and practitioners who have all dedicated their time and experience to create a community platform to help propel research forward.

All materials used for the production of this MOOC are freely available and openly licensed for re-use.
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Open Science MOOC
This is a mission-driven project to help make ‘Open’ the default setting for all global research. We want to help create a welcoming and supporting community, with good tools, teachers, and role-models, and built upon a solid values-based foundation of freedom and equitable access to research. Therefore, we see Open Science as a goal: broad adoption of good scientific practices as a fundamental and essential part of the research process.