Moe Htet Aung Learning Center

Moe Htet Aung Learning Center is established in 2017 with a unique of objective - to build up the competency of Myanmar High School Graduated students, University students and adult working who are willing to continue learning on higher quality education through online study system.

Internet is blooming in Myanmar since year 2015 and it is a good opportunity for Myanmar student to use the advantage of internet to improve their competency or skill to fulfill their career objectives by using online study which is affordable, easy to access and very convenient.
The student will require to possess a personal computer (PC) connected with internet, and an email account to register and study online courses from Moe Htet Aung Learning Center.

Moe Htet Aung Learning Center believes in providing education and lifelong learning opportunities to all people for self-enrichment and professional advancement.

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