Miracle Messages

About Miracle Messages
Miracle Messages is on a mission to end relational poverty on the streets. We are a nonprofit organization that reconnects people experiencing homelessness with their loved ones... and with the rest of us as their neighbors. The process is simple and effective: a person isolated by homelessness records a short message to a family member or friend, often with the help of a caseworker or volunteer. Then, a network of 1,200+ "digital detectives" attempt to locate the loved one and deliver the Miracle Message.

We offer a humane way to help people on the streets. We reconnect families, shatter stigmas, and empower local residents to make a difference. To date, Miracle Messages has reunited 195 families, with an average time disconnected of 20 years, using our mobile app, online referral form, paper form, and national hotline (1-800-MISS-YOU). 15% of reunions have led to housing and 80% have led to a positive outcome, all at a fraction of the cost of other interventions.

We believe that everyone is someone's somebody. Our work has been featured in 500+ publications, including the New York Times, NPR, on a billboard in Times Square, and NowThis (26 million views). Founder Kevin F. Adler started Miracle Messages in honor of his uncle, who lived on-and-off the streets for 30 years. Our goal is to reach 10,000 reunions by 2023 and, in the process, inspire people everywhere to embrace their homeless neighbors not as problems to be solved, but as people to be loved.
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