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Med Sharp is locally owned and operated in Dothan, AL. We take great pride in our company and value each one of our clients. We can assure you that you will receive quality, professional, and timely service. As a leader in medical and bio-hazardous waste disposal services, Med Sharp ensures the highest standards when collecting, treating, and disposing of your hazardous waste. Med Sharp provides complete documentation from pick up to disposal, so your compliance will never be an issue!

Med Sharp will come to your facility to assess what type of containers you will need to keep your facility in compliance. Each client’s containers are exchanged on each pick up, prior to safely disposing of the biohazardous medical waste. Med Sharp offers extremely competitive rates, and is committed to keeping your medical waste collection as hassle free as possible! The list below shows a few things that sets Med Sharp above our competitors:

• Doctor’s facility prices are from 10% - 50% below the national competitors’ rates.
• No pre-determined fuel surcharges.
• Quiet, conscientious collection staff.
• No energy fees.
• Safe & compliant containers.
• Red biohazard liner bags.

Our sharps disposal and hazardous waste disposal methods meet and exceed current and future requirements of the FDA, EPA, and OSHA, while also reducing emissions and landfill volume by approximately 90 percent! We can also help bring your facility into Department of Health compliance by preparing your customized Biomedical Waste Plan as well as employee training for OSHA and Department of Health compliance.

Med Sharp is an environmentally-friendly and affordable alternative to your current medical waste disposal company. We will offer medical waste pickup, removal, transportation and disposal in an affordable, all-inclusive package.
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