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What is the LOTUS Life?

The lotus flower, prized for it's ethereal beauty and serene scent, grows out of the mud and muck. Because of it's humble beginnings, the lotus has become a symbol of the beauty that grows in "ugly" places. Just like the flower, we often find ourselves stuck in the muck, weighed down by a life full of tragedy and chaos. We may even feel at times that we are drowning in despair, worry, fear, regret and resentment. Like the lotus, we can create our best lives out of our chaos, rise above our tragedies and use our negative experiences as a nutrient-rich soil in which to grow.

The LOTUS Life is YOUR best life, created and designed by your own imagination, built on a foundation of the wisdom you have earned through your personal experiences. This course is designed to help you recognize and enhance your strengths.

Course Segments:

Reflections (Designing and divining your best self)
Sacred Spaces (Building and maintaining healthy relationships)
The Time Machine (How to change the way your past affects your present)
Life Course Correction (Surviving and thriving with addictive life patterns)
Namaste (Saluting the divine in yourself)
Each segment includes activities, exercises and writing assignments designed to help educate you as well as help you reflect on an implement the life lessons of the LOTUS program. In addition to the course curriculum, you will receive personalized attention, direction and feedback from your instructor, Elizabeth T. Anderson, founder of LOTUS Life Learning. For more information on the organization or Elizabeth's background, please visit www.lotuslearning.org. If you are not satisfied with the course content, you may withdraw at any time for a free refund.

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