Leanne Winston Psychic Medium

Are you missing a passed loved one?
The need of direction and guidance?
Are you wanting to understand your own intuition?
Leanne Winston located in the stunning views of the Adelaide Hills, Mount Barker. Leanne has been reading as a professional psychic Medium since 2010. With a reassuring gift to bind a connection with your loved family and friends. Her emphasis, training and years of understanding with spirit sets her beautiful soft loving readings apart from all others.
Leanne’s ability to connect with spirit has been described by her clients as unbelievably accurate. The messages that come through from those crossed over are delivered in detail and provide to the individual with a great sense of relief, peace, and comfort. You will leave with a sense of direction, knowing in your heart that spirit is with you and that they are okay and sending you, love.
Leanne Can communicate with yourself and Spirit anywhere in the world. Therefore readings are available with Leanne face to face, over the Phone, Skype, Written Emails, Group readings, Live Shows and Exhibitions.
As Leanne expresses to her students, we all have the gift to connect with spirit, meditation, and training. Leanne now expanse her gift of connecting teaching and mentoring others in her unique moving ways.

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