KHRAFT works in three different areas; education/training, coaching/Leadershiptraining, HRpartner/Leadership support. At Eliademy we provide our customers with online and semi-online training. Our most popular subjects is within coaching, mentoring and leadership. We train our delegates through modelling, training and a active learningstyle. We have a strong emphasis on your personal development.

We have a special heart for those of you who work in non-profitorganisations. We will always be interested to discuss pricing with you to make it possible for you to excel in leadership and coaching in your organisation.

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After some years with our coach education it´s time to develop a brand new course! We believe that success of organisations today depend on collaboration and the ability to communicate effectively. We have developed a coaching education for leaders, HR- people and anyone looking to enhance their communication skills. We work within the sector of leadership development. We meet many leaders who are passionate about developing their people, yet they struggle to coach and to communicate effectively with their team. Maybe you are one of them? That’s why we started Learn Coaching! Jenny Bergh & Toril Nygreen Grave Khraft AB TNGCoaching AS @learncoaching