I was always intrigued and inspired by people who could prosper, make their fortune, be successful and have a happy life, totally against all odds; maybe their background was poor, not much education, or maybe they were told by their parents and friends that they were no good and would never make it in life.
One person would take all persecution to heart and become a burden to society, while another person in the same family would raise above it all and have a better life than you and me. What is the difference between these two?
I have researched and explored the power of the mind from many different angles over the last years, and whether it was religion, spiritual, new age or science, there are certain common denominators.

I have come to greatly respect the power of the mind, and the effect out way of thinking have on our own happiness, health and relationships. I have also come to understand how important it is to have goals and dreams in life, farfetched ones as well as realistic ones.
None of us can achieve a goal we don’t have!

How does it all work?
Quantum physics teaches us that thoughts are very light forms of energy and can easily be changed, whereas denser forms of energy such as stone or gold cannot change easily.

So, I am in London walking down the High Street on my way to Debenhams, and just like that I can change my mind and decide to go to M&S instead. Not much to it!

What is the process where an idea becomes manifested?
Let’s say you want to make a painting. You have pen and paper, but without any «picture» in your mind, or idea, nothing happens. No result. So, ide plus give and take relationship between the pen and paper results in the physical manifestation of your idea, your painting…. and if you are a good painter it will resemble exactly the picture in your mind.

Are you convinced you can change your thoughts and manifest your minds idea?

We can use this simple principle to all areas of our life.
If things are not working in our life, relationships or health wise, it is time to sit down with ourselves and be conscious of how we think and feel. Are my thoughts positive or negative? If they are negative, no wonder problems occur!

Next step is to replace these thoughts with positive ones. There are many methods, for example positive affirmations, which I have used over the years, are very useful. They can replace years of negative thinking patterns.

Once you have replaced some of your negative mind chatter, you can start forming your life’s dream in your mind, give it lots of positive energy and see your work of art, which is your life, unfold.

It is my hope that the content of my courses provides the tools and inspiration you need to uncover and realize your life’s dream.

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