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Welcome to Impact University, the ultimate online learning experience for Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

Impact University is fueled with interactive educational training to help you shine in your business as you make a magnificent impact for God in all that you do.

Undergraduate Academy level courses contain a combination of lecture, group discussion, assignments, hands-on learning, and assessments.

University Graduate level courses contain a combination of lecture, group discussion, portfolio creation, hands-on learning, assessments, and presentations.

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Welcome University Students
As University President and Founder, I'd like to personally say Welcome to Impact University! I am excited to see you make the smart decision to invest in your educational growth as you activate the entrepreneurial calling that God has on your life. Please select the course below that best fits your designated leadership role within our sisterhood. I personally look forward to seeing you excel in both Academy and inside of your Graduate Level programs. This program is designed to transform the way you see entrepreneurship while elevating your relationship with God to new levels. On behalf of our great University and staff, we look forward to seeing you soar and can't wait to meet you in person at our Live Graduation Ceremonies. Blessings for Impact Beyond Measure, Jessica Thompson, MHRM University President and CEO Impact University-Online