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As a Dutch Women, I have lived in several other European Countries. At the moment I live in the Czech Republic.

I have a lot of experience in Giving/Making Online Courses. About 20-25 years ago I started online as Paint Shop Pro teacher (at that time from Jasc, now Corel)

When you need help for one of my courses, don't hesitate to ask me.
I speak the following languages:

As Life Coach, Mentor, Trainer & Practitioner I have helped many people when they got stuck.
Often not knowing what to do. How to handle to get back on track.
Yet, the answer is already within them, they only need to find it!
You can Balance your Life, with the help of a Life Coach. Me!
So you can finally become what you are destined for!

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1st Course, Life Coaching - Healthy Life Insight with Karin, Balancing Your Life
My 1st Course, Life Coaching, what is it? What it can do for you is packed with IMPORTANT Information about Life Coaching. To Help You!

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