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The Company:

fromMEtoWE Global (Group of Companies) is a multi-faceted and professional resource organization that trains individuals and teams on principles of team-building, motivation, productivity and innovativeness. Our courses and services are professionally designed to stimulate personal, organizational and ministry efficiency and productivity.

Our programs/courses promote both the understanding and the practice of effective leadership and management within the ministry, business unit, department and organization. We're helping individuals and companies to build passionate, productive and profitable lives, churches, departments, teams, companies and organizations.

The Founder & CEO:

Jabu Mbongo is an accredited/registered Assessor, Facilitator and Moderator with ETDP SETA and Local Government SETA. His experience and skills extends through Banking, Construction management, Church management and administration, Marketing management, Skills development, FET College lecturing & Student counselling, Team-building facilitation, Management & Leadership Development, Public speaking, Book writing and Christian Ministry.

Jabu is a Servant, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Life Coach & Business Coach and Entrepreneur, and does consulting projects for schools, colleges, hospitals, churches and public seminars.
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This highly interactive coaching model/program introduces participants to the core principles of team building and team work including effective communication skills, problem solving skills, the value of cooperation in teams and many others.