Fan Fiction Institute

We believe that fan fiction is valuable, and we want to push it to the next level.

Fan fiction is type of literature that permeates world history. Dante’s Inferno is fan fiction of the Holy Bible, Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare is fic of the poem “The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet…” Even in modern times fanfiction continues to see professional press: the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey is Twilight fan fiction through and through, and you can find it on the shelves of any library.

Fan fiction is powerful, unique, and best of all, for everyone. We help you push your fan fiction to the next level by teaching you to sharpen your skills with the aid of editors and mentors in a structured class-type setting.

This course will go over basic grammatical skills before pushing into ideation, plotting, and the craft of actually writing it. We include important components unique to fan fiction such as writing descriptions, social promotion, and managing fan fiction relationships with betas and others. Participants come out of the Institute with a fully-fledged fic, a certificate of completion, and the skills and knowledge to up their fan fiction game.

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