Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University

Cairo University is a comprehensive institution of higher learning located in Giza, Egypt, is committed to preparing students for the challenges of a rapidly changing workplace. Through interactive learning and new information technologies, our graduates are poised to enter the workforce with the skills needed to succeed in today's global marketplaces.
Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University is the first educational institution for Pharmacy in Egypt was founded in Abou-Zaabal in 1827 as the School of Medicine and Pharmacy. The institution has then been transferred to the Citadel area, then to Kasr El-Aini Street, its current situation, in 1837. In 1955, a governmental decree was issued to establish a Faculty of Pharmacy as an independent entity in its own right, after having been detached from its affiliation with the Faculty of Medicine. By that time, Fouad I University had then become known as Cairo University.
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