Over 15.000 teachers already trust Eliademy

Eliademy on lahe ja jättis suurepärase esmamulje! Oluliselt lihtsam kasutada kui Moodle.


Pavel Janicek (Scola Humanitas Litvínov, Czech Republic)

Tõeliselt lihtsasti kasutatav platvorm, mida saab oma sisuga rikastada kõigest mõne hetkega.


Inge de Waard (Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium)

Eliademy on täiuslik tööriist dokumentide ja õppetundide jagamiseks ning ülesannete haldamiseks. Selle kujundus ja kasutajasõbralikkus teeb tasa paari klassikalise LMS funktsiooni puudumise.


Ketil Thorgersen (Stockholm Musikpedagogiska Institut, Sweden)

Eliademy'l on tõesti värske lähenemine. Säilitage oma avatus. Teie siht on õige. E-õppe vahend peakski olema lihtsasti kasutatav.


Johannes Kamp (AOC Oost, Netherlands)

Ma olen kasutanud Eliademy't alates 2014 aasta juulist ja armastan seda platvormi. Kursuste loomine ja haldamine on imelihtne. Eliademy meeskond pakub kiiret tuge, millal iganes vaja.


Priscilla Almeida (Appnomic, USA)

Eliademy on väga lihtsasti kasutatav nii õpetajate kui õpilaste jaoks. Kursuse loomine on väga kerge ja hoiab õpetaja väärtuslikku aega kokku.


Alexander Badanov (Volga State University of Technology, Russia)

Minu meelest peaksid õpilased keskenduma õpitavale teemale, mitte tegelema tehniliste probleemidega, mis tavaliste e-õppe platvormide puhul tüüpilised on. Ma usun, et e-õppe tulevik peitub Eliademy's.


Mevlüt Develi (Ankara University, Turkey)

Eliademy is so easy to use and my students have been happy with this platform.


Tiina Huhtala (KSL, Finland)

Sest Eliademy on ületamatu nii välimuse, klienditoe, kasutajasõbralikkuse kui võimaluste osas. Mul on tunne nagu oleksime kullakaevanduse avastanud.


Jules Gourley (Full Circle Maternity, USA)

Eliademy on väga lihtsasti kasutatav ja suurepärase kujundusega, sotsiaalne ja tasuta. Sellise töövahendi leidmine on tõeline kergendus nii õpetaja kui õpilaste jaoks. Lihtne, elegantne ja funktsionaalne.

Robert McCall (Online English Systems Ltd, Brazil)

Keerulised ja kallid õppeplatvormid kuuluvad minevikku. Eliademy on ülim revolutsiooniline e-õppe lahendus.

Francis Ortiz (Francisortiz, Spain)

I love the interface, it is very user friendly, the fact that it is free is amazing! I am very grateful for Eliademy and would highly recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Tuesday Hoffman (USA)

User-friendly. Simple. Flexible. I'm not a programmer, I'm an instructor. Thank you for letting me do my job by doing so well at yours!

Kim Radomske (Canada)

I have been Eliademy now for three years in my online course. I like especially the visual layout of the course structure. I have got good feedback of that from students as well. The program is also easy to use both from teachers and students point of view. Videos and links are directly visible and it is easy to see the course structure.


Susanna Fabricius (Arcada University, Finland)

I am a middle school teacher in Arizona. I teach 7th and 8th grade. I have been looking for an online tool like Eliademy for a long time. Nothing ever seemed to do just what I wanted. Eliademy does just what I want. I share links and videos, we share discussion questions, and it helps me to take my kids out of the classroom where real learning happens. My students love the site because it's easy to navigate and they can access it from their homes or cell phones. I have recommended it to all of my colleagues.


John Harris (Esterlla Middle School, USA)

A very handy tool for a busy teacher! A tremendous help to keep students progress on the course.

Tatyana Belskaya (RANEPA, Russia)

Eliademy helps to work collaboratively wherever we are, whenever we can. This is a great platform. Not only can we do tasks together, but we can also participate in discussions what is a way we feel more united as a group. Besides, as teachers, we can receive tasks submissions and grade them easily. There is also an option upload other course materials from different resources - online presentation, videos, files and even take part in webinars. Thank you to all the staff that makes Eliademy available.


Maria Isabel Piccinini (Centro de Capacitación, Argentina)

Eliademy is the best, most user-friendly LMS that I've used so far. Great user interface. Clean dashboard. Would highly recommend


Aika Thiele (George Mason University, US)

It is not that the moment I saw Eliademy, I fell in love with it, no, no, no, absolutely not. My deep respect and sincere love for Eliademy are carefully assessed based on an accurate evaluation through continuous research on the internet plus my constant interaction with Eliademy team over a long period of 4 years.


Syed Hashmi (Illustrated Math Series, US)

Only in Finland, this could happen. It gave us Linux, now this great concept. Open Operating Systems can be compared to Open Educational Platforms, not like Coursera or EdX, but one really open to any teacher who wants to share knowledge. In an easy and simple way.


Jorge Barrero (Formación de Expertos Digitales, Venezuela)

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