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Professor Dr Margie H Sharpe is an accredited Senior Consultant who works exclusively in Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Therapy as a physiotherapist, and has undertaken numerous international courses, lectures, seminars and case conferences related to the evaluation, treatment and management of patients with vestibular disorders. Her unique, innovative and integrated approach to patients with vertigo, dizziness and unsteadiness is founded on the most recent published research findings of clinical and basic science literature, and her close working relationship with team members.

She has been treating patients with vestibular disorders since the late 1980’s, during which time she has witnessed not only a growing interest from allied health professionals, medical practitioners and the public in this specialized field, but also major advances in the knowledge and understanding of the vestibular system in health and disease; and importantly, the development of new techniques and equipment to examine the function of the vestibular system in patients and new treatment approaches.

Each year education seminars and courses are made available, such as the Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach to the Dizzy Patient. Students experience and learn from internationally acclaimed professionals about medical, surgical, psychological, musculoskeletal (upper cervical and temporo-mandibular dysfunction) and vestibular rehabilitation and consider the evaluation, treatment and management of the dizzy patient in the Australian context of health service delivery.
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