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History of Dental Essentials:
Dental Essentials was founded in 2006 in St. George Utah by Dr. James Millward D.D.S. After hiring and working with many Dental Assistants early in his career, it became quickly evident that most Dental Assistants were not being taught the essentials skills that dentists needed most. Too much emphasis was being place on book work and long term courses that did not focus on the most important aspects of dental assisting. Dr. Millward created what is now called the "Skill Station Hands On" approach to learning dental assisting. This hands on approach has made it possible to accelerate the learning process and obtain the essentials skills necessary for dental assisting in as little as 10 weeks. Dental Essentials continues to be run and operated by actively practicing dentists. Due to the success of this program over the last 10 years, it is now expanding into additional states across the country. Our goal from the onset was to create a program that teaches Dental Assisting in a fast, fun and affordable manner.

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