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Course editor

Create a course with all the editing tools you need. What you see is what you get. Eliademy will render all the text, pictures, videos, audios and interactive elements for you.

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Your own LMS

Eliademy is built for teachers. You don't need to be limited by your IT department. You control who gets access to your courses and how they are delivered.

Interactive discussions

Online classroom has never been this social. Now you can organize chats into different themes for better engagement on specific topics. Anyone on your course could directly respond to messages by others.

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Tasks and quizzes

You can create tasks and quizzes in your courses and control when they become visible, what should happen after a deadline or how many tries an answer can be submitted.

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Grading tools

Understand better how your students are learning using appropriate assignments and quizzes. You can easily see which tasks have been graded, who have completed the tasks and the get instant feedbacks on the class performance.

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Online multimedia

If you have ready have course materials somewhere else, all you need is to paste a link. Eliademy support YouTube, Slideshare, Prezi and over 160 other sources seamlessly.

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Course completion certificates

Eliademy gives you the ability to reward your students with a certificate of completion. Your students can get a free online certificate or order a high quality printed copy (sales revenue will be shared with you).

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Integration mit LinkedIn

All online certificates received on Eliademy can be added to a LinkedIn profile, or shared in social media.

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Online course marketplace

Eliademy is already the home to tens of thousands of courses in over thirty languages. You can teach your courses for free or set an enrollment price. We will share 70% of all revenue with you.

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Robust notifications system

Receive instant notifications on all important class activities, just like in a social network.

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Personal study calendar

See all your tasks and deadlines at a glance. You can synchronize your Eliademy calendar with iCal, Google and Outlook.

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See enrollment history, engagement with course content, task submission progress and grade distribution for any of your courses.

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In your language

Our incredible team of volunteers localized Eliademy to over 30 languages. Chances are your students will have our user interface in their native language.

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Unlimited courses

There are no limits on the amount of courses you can create or the number of file attachments you can upload.

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Eigenschaften der Premium-Version

Confidential courses

You can create and teach completely confidential courses which will not be visible for anyone except invited students.

User management

See all users on all your courses at a glance, assign them to groups and manage access.

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Enroll individual students or group to any course taught in your organization without sending invitations.

Online tutoring and webinars

You can schedule an online tutoring session with live video and desktop sharing. You don't need to invite your students to some other platform, webinars are built into your course.

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Landing page

Enhance your brand with a customizable landing page about your organization and courses you teach. No need to set up another website to promote your courses.

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Administration roles

You can assign roles of an administrator (with full access to all courses), an observer (only view access) or an organization instructor.

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Private video storage

All your instructional videos can be uploaded directly to your course. No need to use any 3rd party service and be concerned about access.

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Organization analytics

Erweiterte Analysen über alle Kurse, die in Ihrer Organisation unterrichtet werden.

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We will do our best to provide a solution within 24 hours.

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