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Zen at University

This course aims to teach students about Zen principles and how this applies to study life, in areas such as time management, study skills, the use of discipline, combating distractions, managing stress, being present, honing organisation skills and the benefits of using meditation as a tool.


Students are not expected to have any prior knowledge of the topic, but are expected to keep up with the content and engage fully in order to receive the full benefits of this course.

This course is organized into 9 modules, and 3 weeks. 3 modules will be delivered each week beginning on Friday, and will include written content, videos and a live session. Students are expected to post at least twice a week in the Facebook group.

It was designed for any students who are struggling to find a life/study balance, and will benefit students by helping them manage their stress and giving them tools for better balance and productivity. 

Header photo by: Jorg Reuter

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