Jennie Wilson, RN, LMT, E-RYT

Owner, Teacher Trainer

Yoga Teachers' Collective strives for academic excellence - providing the best education in yoga and its therapeutic applications to promote health & wellness. Core Values Non-Judgment Accountability Continuous improvement Community Teamwork The foundation of our teaching is that yoga and all of its practices help to provide us the opportunities to: BREATHE Deeply FOCUS Clearly Move MINDFULLY Rest COMPLETELY Live GRATEFULLY Jennie's work continues to evolve and is deeply influenced by many great traditions & philosophical beliefs. She approaches life with a fierce willingness to learn and grow, and her commitment to make spirituality accessible and inspiring to all is reflected by her own willingness to deepen her personal understanding of the mysteries, and her desire to share all that she discovers along the way.


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You have 200 hours of training under your mat. You can guide students through an intelligent, effective yoga class. Now it's time to advance your career. Through a dedicated apprenticeship and study our immersive program will help you hone your unique teaching style and voice.

Our Personal Approach

The mentor relationship was originally how yoga was passed down to new teachers and YogaWorks continues this effective learning tradition.

  • One-on-one mentor relationship to guide you throughout the program and beyond
  • Observing and assisting your mentor in class
  • A final project designed to help define yourself as a yoga teacher
  • Addressing yoga teaching questions and discussions in small group meetings with your mentor and other students

Your Opportunity for Deeper Learning

To add to your teaching tool kit - you will delve into the following healing & movement modalities to broaden your teachings:

  • Creative sequencing
  • Advanced hands-on adjustments
  • Injury assessment and management
  • Understanding restorative yoga and yoga for chronic illness
  • Deeper meditation, subtle body and yoga philosophy studies
  • Understanding the business of yoga

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