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Welcome to Youth Quest of New Jersey!

This program is aimed at engaging young adults to get them ready for work, volunteering, education or training opportunities. As an access point, we provide comprehensive support and referrals to prepare and assist participants with building foundational employment skills and overcoming barriers and intimidation to employment opportunities. We connect job seekers to vocational training, education, and employment opportunities.

Course content

  • Week 1-Job Attainment Competencies- October 5th-October 9th

  • Module 1.1- Developing a Resume

  • Module 1.2- Developing a Cover Letter

  • Module 1.3- Job Interviewing Techniques

  • Module 1.4- Developing Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Week 2- Job Survival Competencies- October 12th- October 16th

  • Module 2.1- Dress For Success

  • Module 2.2- Expectations From Employers

  • Module 2.3- Appropriately Resigning from a Job

  • Week 3- Personal Skills Competencies- October 19th- October-23rd

  • Module 3.1- Goals

  • Module 3.2- Self Esteem and Behaviors

  • Module 3.3- Healthy Attitudes

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