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Aadiyah Asaad


Hello beautiful Women, 

 The W stands for women. I had a dream to inspire women all over the world.The W

organization encourage women to embrace their womanhood, to build women self esteem,

educate women on various topics, provide activities and different services that will enhance

their skills for everyday life. We help and motivate women to accomplish positive goals ,while

getting over some obstacles their facing in their lives. Most of all, teach them how to love The

Creator(Allah) first then themselves and to

respect themselves.

The W is open to all respectful, open minded ,and positive women. 

"The W Is You,The W is me, WE ARE THE W"

Islam mean submission and surrender, it derives from the root word Salam. Salam

meaning peace, purity, submission and obedience. 


"Innad Dina Indallahil Islam"


Surely the way of life acceptable to Allah is islam (3:19)


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