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Price is a subject for European Value Added Tax (VAT). If you live outside of EU, you won't have to pay VAT. If you do live in EU, we will automatically calculate correct amount of VAT based on your billing country.


Corporate Approach

Developed by Lou Teaching

Lou Teaching was recently founded, and it is the result of an encounter of professionals with common goals convinced that access to knowledge must not be elitist. We focus our attention to teaching companies, but we also target our offer to providing courses to a much wider audience. We can make a difference helping those students whose skills have kept them from getting that dream job. We are specialists in intermediate and upper intermediate levels. We do offer services for lower levels; however, we feel can deliver our best performance with intermediate and upper intermediate levels. Throughout our brief history we, have rendered our services to government and private institutions and helped a significant​ number of students to pass official English exams.


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Descripción del curso

Cualquier persona que esté realmente interesada en dominar un idioma, necesita escribir. Nos gusta llamar a la escritura ‘la última frontera’. Y lo hacemos porque entendemos que es ahí donde  debemos  ‘poner toda la carne en el asador’. Obviamente, el propósito de aprender un idioma es hablar y comunicarse. En esta empresa creemos que hablar es solo una parte de un proceso complejo; de hecho es el último paso.

En primer lugar debemos conocer las estructuras gramaticales. Luego tenemos que aprender a usar esas estructuras, mientras expandimos nuestro vocabulario. La lectura de comprensión y la lectura en voz alta son dos áreas que no podemos ignorar. Una vez que hemos dominado todas las áreas anteriormente mencionadas, desarrollamos la habilidad de expresar ideas de manera fluida.

Lo que estamos ofreciendo con este curso es la posibilidad de aprender algunas estructuras que mejorarán nuestra escritura y nuestro discurso. Al principio sería un proceso mecánico, pero con el paso del tiempo, el flujo de ideas se convierte en un proceso intuitivo.  Las aplicaciones prácticas de lo que aprenderemos en este curso son enormes.



El principal  objetivo de este curso es mejorar el nivel de conocimiento acerca del idioma inglés a través del uso  correcto del verbo to be,  los verbos modales, la concordancia sujeto-verbo, tiempos verbales, condicionales, adjetivos, adverbios, gerundios e infinitivos.

Muchos estudiantes piensan que entienden los entresijos de estos temas importantes de la gramática, pero cometen errores al momento de emplearlos. Superadas las dificultades de lidiar con estas cuestiones, se sentirán seguros al momento de expresar sus ideas, ya sea habladas o escritas.

¿A quién va dirigido?

El curso está dirigido a cualquier persona que ha alcanzado un nivel intermedio y que está dispuesta  a marcar una diferencia. El mismo está diseñado para cualquiera que tenga interés  en superar las dificultades que todos experimentamos al aprender un idioma como el inglés. Todos necesitamos hacer uso de esta lengua, ya sea por motivos personales o profesionales.

Una vez que termine el curso

Usted tendrá la confianza necesaria para expresar sus ideas de manera correcta y efectiva, a la hora de comunicar sus ideas.


Contenido y el índice del curso

Hemos dividido este curso en ocho capítulos:


  1. "To be" el verbo
  2. Verbos modales
  3. Concordancia sujeto-verbo
  4. Tiempos verbales
  5. Condicionales
  6. Adjetivos
  7. Adverbios
  8. Gerundios e infinitivos

Cada capítulo viene con enlaces para entender los problemas actuales. También hemos incorporado un sinnúmero de pruebas para comprobar su comprensión. El uso de ensayos internos proporciona la oportunidad de ver cómo todo lo que explicamos claramente está ligado a actividades destinadas a mejorar  los conocimientos que pretendemos compartir con nuestros estudiantes.  

Corporate Approach proporciona un certificado de terminación en todos los cursos que ofrecemos.


We are convinced that in your life you have taken numerous courses of English. We have to assume that you have taken advantage of all those opportunities. Now, there comes a point in our lives, when our level of English is acceptable, but somehow we end up living in a comfort zone. In other words, we have the ability to speak and communicate our ideas more or less fluently, but we lack structure, word order, and above all a correct use of verb tenses. We are definitely talking about our learning curve, which was very steep at the beginning, but that now looks sort of flat.

Anyone who is truly interested in mastering a language needs to write. We like to call writing the last frontier, and we do so because we understand that's when we have to put all the meat on the grill. Obviously, the purpose of learning a language is to communicate, to speak. In this company, we believe that speaking is only part of a complex process; however, it is indeed the last step. 

In first place, you have to learn grammar structures. Then, you have to learn to make use of those a grammar structures, and that takes place while you are expanding your vocabulary. Reading for comprehension and reading aloud are two areas that you cannot ignore. Once we have mastered all the previously mentioned areas, we develop an ability to put ideas together and let those ideas flow.

What we are offering here with this course is a possibility to learn some structures that will enhance our writing and speech. At first, it would be a mechanical process, but as time goes by the flow of ideas becomes an intuitive process. The course is aimed at anyone who has reached an intermediate level but is still eager to make a difference. The practical applications of what we will learn in this course are tremendous.



This course is aimed at mastering the use of the verb "To be", modal verbs, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, conditionals, adjectives, adverbs, and gerunds & infinitives. A lot of students think they understand the intricacies of these important grammar issues, they don't. Once you overcome the difficulties of dealing with these specific issues, you will feel confident to express you ideas either spoken or in writing.   

Designed for

The course is designed for anyone genuinely interested in overcoming the difficulties we all have to experience, when learning a language like English. All of us need to make use of English either for personal or professional reasons, and we feel we can bring about a positive impact in the learning process. 

Once you finish the course

You will have the necessary confidence to express your ideas in a correct manner and effectively, when it comes to conveying your message.

Course index and content

We have divided this course in eight chapters:

  1. "To be" the verb
  2. Modal Verbs
  3. Subject-verb agreement
  4. Verb tenses
  5. Conditionals
  6. Adjectives
  7. Adverbs
  8. Gerunds and infinitives

Every chapter comes with links to fully understand the issues at hand. We have also incorporated plenty of quizzes for you to check your understanding. The use of in-house essays provides an opportunity to see how everything we explained is clearly linked to activities aimed at reassuring the knowledge we intend to share with our students.  

Corporate Approach provides a certificate of completion in all the courses we offer.

Course content

  • Chapter # 1 "To be" the verb

  • Chapter # 2 Modal verbs

  • Chapter # 3 Subject-verb agreement

  • Chapter # 4 Verb tenses

  • Chapter # 5 Conditionals

  • Chapter # 6 Adjectives

  • Chapter # 7 Adverbs

  • Chapter # 8 Gerunds and infinitives

  • Chapter # 9 Activity # 1

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