Year and a Day 2016 Term 2 Week 8 - Herbs K - Z


Witches Academy

HP Skylahsage & HP Raven Moon

HP Skylahsage and HP Raven Moon are co-owners and the main instructors at Witches Academy.

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Karen Loewen


The second part of our indepth look at herbs.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list.


 indicates herbs with culinary uses

 Indicates timber uses

 Indicates herbs which produce dyes

  Indicates herbs used in beauty products

Indicates herbs used for perfume or incense

    Indicates herbs with medicinal uses

 Indicates herbs with magickal uses

Indicates herbs used as animal fodder

   Indicates herbs which have an effect on pets

 Indicates herbs with insect repellent properties.

 Indicates herbs which are poisonous!

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