Year and a Day 2016 Term 2  Week 12- End of Term Assessment


Witches Academy

HP Skylahsage & HP Raven Moon

HP Skylahsage and HP Raven Moon are co-owners and the main instructors at Witches Academy.

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iris may woolaston
I'm really enjoying this course using my brain and learning so much about that that interests me. Thank you tutors for all your hard work. BB
Karen Loewen


Assessment to mark the end of Term two

100+ questions of the subjects studied in Term two of Year and A Day

Plus a crystal Identification test.

Completion of this assessment is compulsory for progression to the next term. (Note the score isn't important for progression just an attempt!) Anyone not attempting this assignment will not progress to term 2.

Now we do require that this assignment is completed on time.

Absolutely NO extensions or make up exams will be granted for this review unless it is an extreme emergency. This is to be taken seriously. If there are any questions about the extension rule please contact Ann, but this does not mean you will be automatically granted the extension but we are willing to review your circumstances on the issue.

You will have exactly ONE week (eight days) to complete the exam. The time stamp is in Greenwich Mean Time  Simply make sure it is in by the due date and you will be fine. But late exams will only be accepted for 48 hours AFTER the deadline, anything later than that will be counted as incomplete. The usual 10 point deduction will be subtracted from your score.

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