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I recently started teaching the wizarding world of Hogwarts. I brought my information back to Canada and am now teaching students online for free! DADA is one of my favourite courses within the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


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This course is made specifically for Christian individuals. To go in deeper, it is for the Roman Catholic individuals, but any other denomination is welcome, as well as atheists who are wanting to learn about the faith.

This course was specifically made for Grade 8 many years ago, but since today's curriculum has changed, this would just be considered a lesson for any grade pretty much.

The Textbook that is being used for the lectures/lessons for this course is the "We Believe God Revealed in the Church" by Concacan Inc; Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. If you have the text book, that is great! If not, that is alright as I will possibly type out the notes from the textbook onto documents for you to read. Another Textbook that we may use in this course is the "Jesus and His Times" book by Reader's Digest. Most important book you will need is your Bible. I prefer you have a printed book copy, but if you don't, there are online Bibles as well.

With the units, there will be at least one assignment. There are 9 Units and so I was able to divide the units up into 3 Terms. Here is the course outline, as well as the learning outcomes:



    Unit 1: God's Action Among Us - how do we learn of God's presence in the world; sacraments are signs of God's love

    Unit 2: Alive in Christ - we are the Church; we enter into the Church through baptism, confirmation and eucharist

    Unit 3: The God Who Sets Us Free: An Intro to Gospel Morality - making right decisions; have course-sins are forgiven



    Unit 4: A God So Close - we wait in hope for our deepest longings to be fulfilled; our God lives among us

    Unit 5: Respect For Life - we act responsibly to develop as whole persons; recognition of sacredness of human life

    Unit 6: We Respect the Dignity of Others: Economic Issues at Home and Around the World - respecting others; share one earth



    Unit 7: "Do this in memory of me." Luke 22:19 - the sign of eaucharist is a memorial of Jesus' gift of himself to us; we are sent to love and serve the Lord and one another

    Unit 8: The Deepest Human Relationships (& Appendix) - we live within families and among friends; our sexual natures are a gift from God

    Unit 9: Commandments; Apostle's Creed Analysis; Stations of the Cross - observe final events of Jesus on Earth; analysis





  • Complete given assignments/projects for marks
  • Complete Term Exams
  • Complete the Final Exam
  • Pass with a 60% or better


You will receive a Certificate of Completion once you have finished and completed the requirements for the course. Also, if you are wanting to have a copy of your own official report card that I have made, I can send you one.


There are assignments/projects within every unit. Some which will be handed in for marks. There are 4 Exams in total that you need to worry about. There are 3 Exams just for the Terms I have divided them into, as well as the Final Exam at the end of the course which covers the whole course.

With the assignments I make, most of them will be writing out your answers. There will not be very many assignments that are Multiple Choice. The Term Exams and Final Exams, I can make 2 parts for. One part Multiple Choice, and the other, writing out answers.

I encourage you to give this course a try! You may like it, as there are some good information from the textbooks. The best thing is that this is not a hard class. As long as you read the notes and information, you will do fine with the assignments and exams.


If you have any questions or concerns about the course or throughout the course, feel free to ask me. I Severus Snape, is you professor. Contact me either through Eliademy or by email:

Course content

  • Unit 1: God's Action Among Us

  • Unit 2: Alive in Christ

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