Year 7 Mathematics: Unit 1 - Positive Integers


Aaron Campbell

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jerico towart


Students should develop an appreciation of our number system and the importance of place value. This unit serves to develop the mastery of certain basic skills necessary in everyday living. Satisfaction and confidence come with  the mastery of basic skills. Each of the skills in operations, fractions, decimals, and percentages will be met again or extended in later units. 


Within this online course you will be exposed to material that may further consolidate your understanding of course material and extend your knowledge. 

Unlike work in class you may choose how far you progress through the material. However, I would like to see everyone progress through this course to obtain a greater understanding of material and strive toward the goal that you set for Mathematics.

At the end of each sub unit you will be able to test your understanding and knowledge of material by undertaking a short quiz (in the tasks section. These are NOT part of your assessment and will NOT form part of your grade for Mathematics, but is a way of seeing how you are going. The quizzes will be either standard or advanced. In the standard it will test what you have learnt and understood through class material, the advanced quiz will test the standard material and some extra areas covered in the sub-unit.              

I would encourage you you always navigate through all aspects of this course including discussion boards and tasks. The only way to become really great at anything is to take the risk, ask the question and practice, practice, practice. Use the discussion board to learn from each other by asking questions relating to material or by placing material that you have found interesting or that has helped your learning. I will be checking in on these boards on a regular basis and posting challenges. I encourage you to try these.      

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