Year 12 Case Study : Collaborative Artists


Kass Bangle


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This Year 12 Case Study will examine the concept of 'Collaborative art'. Within this you will gain an understanding of three different forms of collaborative art making practices; collaborative artists, artist & production team and artist & audience. 

The Case Study is student self-paced, however there are rough guidelines attached to each activity on the expected time it would take you to complete the activity. There are mini activities embedded in each of the topic pages (e.g. Collaborative Artists on the left hand side of the page). There is also an activity to conclude each topic located in the 'Tasks' page. At the end of the Case Study there is an essay activity that needs to be completed, this will be marked but is not an weighted assessment item and therefore will not contribute to your HSC mark. 


Information about the course:

  • Text coloured blue has a direct link to a website or definition which contains further information about the concept that is being examined. 
  • There is a final essay to be completed at the completion of this case study, which can be found in the 'Tasks' page. You are to submit a document to the task with your completed essay. 
  • It is expected that this case study will take a total of 9 hours to complete (including the completion of all activities). 
  • This Case Study has a particular focus on artists practice and the post-modern frame.


Outcomes :

H2: explores the roles and relationships between
 the concepts of artist, artwork, world and audience in works.

H5: investigates ways of developing coherence and layers of meaning in the making of art.

H8: explores the roles and relationships between concepts of artist, artwork, world and audience through critical and historical investigations of art.

H10: explores ways in which significant art histories, critical narratives and other documentary accounts of the visual arts can be constructed

Course content

  • Artistic Practice, The Frames & Conceptual Framework.

  • Collaborative Artists

  • Artist & Production Team

  • Artists & Audience

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