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Yeadon Sailing Club

Yeadon Sailing Club

Yeadon Sailing Club is a family orientated club with a good mix of leisure and competitive sailing opportunities located near Leeds Bradford Airport in Yorkshire. Yeadon Tarn is a safe and easy to access lake, located in a popular park with plenty of free car parking. For members we run Start Sailing and Go Sailing courses on Tuesday evenings and welcome people to come along and Try Sailing.

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teagan Onpapaer
Mohsen Zia
Really good online course. Good materials, videos and explanations, and comprehensive coverage of the basic concepts and techniques.
One minor enhancement - in some of the quizzes, for some questions the diagrams were not visible on my laptop. Not sure if there was an issue with my machine or the diagrams were not included in the questions.
Mohsen Zia
Marco Stolk
This course was really informative to say the least.....



Yeadon Sailing Club, Yorkshire, UK

Learning to Sail at Yeadon Sailing Club

Welcome to the online theory training which supports Yeadon Sailing Club's Tuesday night training programme called Start Sailing. This content has been designed to be used alongside the practical training course offered by the club to members and those joning after the Come & Try sailing sessions. This is not an official RYA training programme, but it does cover the basics offered in an RYA course. If you wish to undertake a Level 1 & 2 course then please contact your nearest RYA training centre. RYA courses are an excellent way to learn to sail and we strongly recommend joining the RYA as a member and reading their extensive publications. If you don't plan to sail at Yeadon Sailing Club then help yourself to these materials and feel free to feed back on your sailing experience,

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For those coming to us from Yeadon Sailing Club, you are about to embark on a YSC 5 week training programme.This programme lasts for 5 weeks and will be run 3 times during the season. You can join the programme at any point but you may not be able to get fully engaged until you start from the beginning and undertake a practical training course. The course repeats so you can learn at your own pace.

This 5 week rolling course will be repeated throughout the training season with members working towards a number of competencies. It is not expected that someone would pass all competencies first time round on the course, it is expected that people will need to repeat the course, this may be due to the weather, attendance or previous experience. The end goal is working towards moving in to the Go Sailing Group to build on the basics and prepare for racing (see the image below). At the end of this course, it is expected that you will have the basic skills to safely sail in a triangular course. What will greatly improve your rate of learning will be investing time in using Eliademy for the theory. Another way to enhance your skills is to crew during racing. Speak to your instructor about crewing opportunities.


Pre Requists

Take part in the ‘Come & Try’ session and experience sailing on the water with a coach at the helm. No further sailing experience is required. Book a Come & Try session now.


Key competencies that will be signed off during the training are:


  • Name key parts of a boat (Quiz 1).
  • Understand the key points of safe sailing (Quiz 2).
  • Name the parts of a sail (Quiz 6).
  • Understand basic rules of the road (Quiz 8).

Practical and Theory

  • Understand different points of sail.
  • Rig, launch and recovery of the boat.
  • Stop and start a boat on the water.
  • Sail a figure of 8 shaped course & Quiz 3.
  • Tack a boat under control & Quiz 4.
  • Know the 5 essentials & Quiz 5.
  • Sail a sausage shaped course & Quiz 7.
  • Tie a Bowline, Figure 8, and a Reef knot.
  • Recover a boat following a capsize.
  • Sail a triangular course safely and under control.


Course Structure

Week 1

  • Rigging, launching and recovering boats
  • Basic Controls
  • Stopping and Starting the boat

Week 2

  • Tacking land drills
  • On water tacking under instruction
  • Sailing to windward

Week 3

  • Gybing land drills
  • On water gybing under instruction
  • Sailing downwind

Week 4

  • Sailing Sausages
  • Sailing Figure 8’s

Week 5

  • Capsize recovery
  • Sail a Triangular course


The ultimate goal is to sail a triangular course like the one below. This will demonstrate that you can sail in all directions (points of sail) safely and under control.


Course content

  • Videos from Training Sessions in 2015

  • Introduction to the Club and what to wear

  • Parts of a sailing dinghy and the basics of sail

  • Useful rigging help

  • Points of sail and tacking introduction

  • Tacking

  • Stopping a dinghy and coming up to a Jetty

  • Quiz 1 - Parts of a Boat

  • Quiz 2 - Clothing and Equipment

  • Quiz 3 - Sailing to windward

  • Quiz 4 - Tacking

  • How sails work and parts of a sail

  • The 5 essentials

  • Quiz 5 - The 5 Essentials

  • Gybing

  • Quiz 6 - Parts of a Sail

  • Quiz 7 - Gybing and sailing downwind

  • Basic rules

  • Sailing a triangular course revision

  • Quiz 8 - Rules of the Road

  • Weather

  • Basic knots

  • Capsize recovery

  • What's next after the 5 week course?

  • Further Reading, Survey and Acknowledgements

  • Index and Glossary of Terms

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