Aaron Yew



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this is a class where you learn to write your novels or stories or whatever you write on a master's scale*.

* master's scale means that you learn to write like a professional. 

All students must:

1. create a new and original story. if you are already working on one, then you can continue it on here. It must be creative.

2. create a word count goal and stick to it. This is a 1-month class, so you shouldn't have a huge goal unless you have done it before.

3. submit at least 1,000 words every week, and it will be worked on and graded.

Your grade just depends on if you participate. it's all participation points.

Students will obtain:

1. Knowledge on how to complete a new story or whatever you are writing on a master's scale.

2. skills needed to write publishable works.

This is an easy class as long as you participate.

you can collaborate on a project if you want to, but fair warning, that means more work. 


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