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In this unit you will learn how to write a great persuasive essay. 

We've talked about how authors write for different purposes. Sometimes it's to inform, or teach. Sometimes it's to entertain. And sometimes it's to persuade. Now is the time to persuade.

The goal of a persuasive essay is to get your reader to agree with an opinion that you have. Maybe you think kids should be able to drive cars. Maybe you think school days should be three hours longer. Maybe you think everyone should compost their food scraps. 

Any opinion you have that you think other people should know about, think about, and maybe even do something about, makes a great topic for a persuasive essay.

After you complete each lesson in this unit you will have a complete essay to publish and share. 

Before you get started, take a moment to read the essay below that I wrote. You can always look back at this essay any time you want to look at an example while you are working. I'm sure you won't agree with my opinion, but I hope I can convince you to think about this topic differently!


    I know that each part of school is important in its own way. At my

school we have academic classes with our homeroom teacher, specialty

classes with lots of other teachers, chapel, service learning projects, lunch

and recess. I’m sure school wouldn’t be as good as it is if any of these pieces

were missing, but I’m here to tell you that recess is the most important part

of the day.

    One reason that recess is the most important part of the day is

because it’s the time of the day when you get to be active. When you are

active you get exercise, and exercise is important because it keeps you

healthy. Also, even though you use energy to go outside and play, doing that

actually gives your brain more energy to do learning with the rest of the day.

Finally, some kids are most successful at active things, and it’s important for

them to have opportunities to feel successful. Wouldn’t it be a shame if

there were no time in the school day to be active?

    Another reason that recess is so important is because that’s when you

get to interact with your friends. Kids need time to play with their friends

because that’s how they learn to solve problems with people, which is an

important life skill. Also, life just isn’t very good if you’re lonely. Lastly, if

kids don’t have an appropriate time to talk to friends they will end up doing

it in class, which will distract them from their learning. To me, these reasons

prove that this time to be social is extremely important.

    A third reason why recess is so important is because it makes kids like

school even more. When kids like school they have a more positive attitude

about all parts of the day, which means they’re more excited about their

academic learning too. When teachers give kids recess it makes their

relationship better because kids feel like teachers understand their needs

and do things that they want too. Also, it makes it easier to get up and get

going in the morning before school because you know you have something to

look forward to. I know that for me, recess is a huge part of why I have a

positive attitude about school.

    There are some school systems in the country that are getting rid of

recess so that kids can spend more time on things like math, science, and

reading. I hope the people making these decisions will realize that the

exercise recess gives kids will help them with the rest of their day. I also

hope they will realize that while math, reading, and science are important,

it’s also important for kids to learn social skills with their friends. Also,

nobody is going to do much learning if they hate school. It’s obvious that

everybody likes recess, but I hope you now realize that recess is more than

just fun: it’s the most important part of the day.


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