Zoey Kapella


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In this class we will learn the fundamental laws of writing, as well as throughout the year write our own.

You are to write a Fandom story based on one of these options:

LOTR/The Hobbit

Harry Potter

Percy Jackson

The Hunger Games



I expect good quality from your stories as they are the only thing that is your grade. Each lesson you will turn in a chapter of your story. You may have ONLY 6 chapters, no more no less. Each chapter must be AT LEAST 500 words long. You will turn in a chapter a week then once your chapter is graded for that week you can make changes based on how I graded you. Your story will be published in our fandom library if it is good enough, so I would take this seriously. Here is how our year together will go:

Lesson 1: Identify which Fandom you will write on

Lesson 2: Making the Characters & Setting

Lesson 3: Planning your story out

Lesson 4: Writing the intro (Chapter 1)

Lesson 5: Creating the action (Chapter 2)

Lesson 6: Getting more intense Part 1 (Chapter 3)

Lesson 7: Getting more intense Part 2 (Chapter 4)

Lesson 8: Climax (Chapter 5)

Lesson 9: Tie it up (Chapter 6)


At the end of lesson 9 will be to turn in your story.

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