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Wei Shen Keane Ong

Ong Wei Shen Keane is a lyric baritone from Singapore currently studying under Professor Alan Lee Bennett in the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (National University of Singapore). Keane currently conducts the Pioneer Voices, and is the assistant conductor of EVOKX, a non-profit choral organisation under the baton of Terrence Toh. He has premiered new works like Travelogue by Robert Casteels (2014) and has sung the Bass Solo in Mahler's 8th Symphony with the Orchestra of the Music Makers (2015). Keane has also sung in masterclasses by and worked with artists such as Sumi Jo, Roger Vignoles, William Sharp and Phyllis Bryn-Julson, The King's Singers and The Philippine Madrigal Singers. As a choral conductor, Keane loves the contemporary choral stylings of Eric Whitacre, Ola Gjeilo, and Eriks Esenvalds. He finds their dynamic use of polytonality and block chords captivating.


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Do you ever get the feeling that your choir is simply not ready for rehearsals? There are some Choirs which warm up with purposeless exercises that do not ready their voices, but instead wears them down. Others do too little or too much, which cuts the effective time and effective quality a choral director can work with in order to produce more meaningful musical work. My Workshop will help choral directors, student conductors, and sectional leaders plan and execute effective warm-ups with appropriate duration, exercises, and hearing skills to know if the choir is vocally ready. There will be tips and tricks to help the group achieve good warm-ups, in good time. So, if you want to learn to make your choirs better, then join this course right now!

The main goal of this course is to help your choir sound better and have more efficient rehearsals. We will touch on topics such as body mapping, basic vocal anatomy, listening skills, usage of vowels and consonants to troubleshoot vocal problems, and creative warm-up formations. This course will be assess you with quizzes and a final short essay which will help determine your knowledge and application skills with regards to what you will have learnt.



Lesson 1: The Physical Aspect of Warm Ups.

Lesson 2: Breath and Support.

Lesson 3: The Pure Vowels and their uses.

Lesson 4: Vocal health and Finals.

You will be assessed through quizzes and a short video assignment every lesson. So please do these quizzes and assignments so I know what to help you with moving forward.


Submission of assignments and quizzes:

Quizzes: Submit them by doing the quiz in the quiz tab.

Videos: Upload your video to youtube by and make it unlisted. Send me the link in the relevant tab in the forums/discussion tab.

Written assignment: Upload it on the assignments page.

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