Anna McLoughlin

Trustee for Training


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This session will take approximately 60 minutes to complete

This module is mandatory for all branch committee members and SKIP members volunteering on project. To pass this module you must go through the whole online training module, submit responses to the googleform questions and complete the quiz and evaluation in the 'tasks' section. 


Aims of the Session

This e-learning module aims to enable SKIP members to understand their role in working with partner and external organisations, understand tools that can be used to aid this and explore strategies for when conflicts arise. 



How this Course Works

This course is interactive and will at times ask you to submit ideas or responses to content. This is mandatory for course completion, however the information will be stored separately to your personal details. Therefore, all of your responses will be anonymous. 

You will need a pen and paper for this module. 

Please note - the progress bar does not reflect completion of the course and is likely to only have reached 33% by the time you finish this module. This is because the rest of the progress requires one of our SKIP online training administrators to validate the rest of the work you have done before marking it as complete. If you have any concerns about the completion of this course please email 


Please talk to us...

If you are unsure about any of the module content or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 

If you have any questions about who your branches' partner organisation is or how your branch works with them, please contact your branch committee or branch buddy (if you are unsure who this is then contact 

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