Working In The Private Security Industry - Common SIA Module


Adam Gale


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This distance learning short course has been designed to meet the distance learning criteria for the common SIA Security course training unit (Working in the Private Security Industry).  This unit is to be studied separately from the attendance phase of the course but will still form part of the examination of 40 multiple choice questions to be answered in 1 hour with a pass rate of 70%.  To that end, the following advice and guidance is given to candidates:

Candidates should ensure that they understand that they are expected to carry out 5 hours of self study for this SIA compliant course.  

Candidates have been given the email/telephone number of a course trainer.  In the event of confusion or question, the trainer is to be contacted for clarification.

You should ensure that you give yourself enough time to complete this part of the course.

You should work through the course in a logical order - however you will be able to revisit elements of the course in any order to refresh your learning as needed.

On arrival on the course you will be given a mock assessment of 10 questions to assess your level of understanding.  This will be marked and checked by the course trainer.  Areas of weakness will be identified and you may need to carry out further learning either as self study or as guided learning.

This course is only available to providers that are authorised under awarding bodies to use it as evidence.  If you complete this course without that authority your record will be deleted and all evidence of learning will be removed.  It can be undertaken privately but it is recommended it is undertaken as part of a formal, structured course leading to a recognised qualification within the security industry.


All images are sourced as royalty free from various companies.  If you believe you own the rights to any of them then inform me and I will pass this on to the company
concerned.  Other information is held publically by government and other organisations with an expectation that it will be used for learning and building of knowledge.


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