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Ever starved to be a writer? Always wanted to put your pen to paper but still don’t know how to start? This 12 session creative writing course will provide you with an introduction to the basic elements of creative writing. The course is aimed at students with relevant background in English (from Intermediate level) with clear objectives and eager to work in team meeting harsh deadlines as well as master their new knowledge and practical skills at home. The exercises are shaped to help you start writing, become a professional reader and teach you key elements of self- and peer analysis. Feedback from a tutor is provided weekly. 
The creative writing course will cover how to: 
- unleash your gift of creativity 
- collect ideas and clean up the mess of vague sketches 
- plan a good story 
- choose a narrator and add dramatic effects to your story 
- activate your writing and hang-cliff your reader with catchy details 
- write complex, believable characters to inhabit your literary world 
- work with time and space in narration 
- write dialogues 
- write in different genres 
- evaluate and edit your peers 


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