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Here you will find additional educational material for the 2015 Winter Intensive Training Program! Each week there will be a few articles to read and a prompt to answer. Along with your initial post for each article you will be expected to comment and discuss on each other's posts. There will also be quizzes based on the articles, videos and other material. 

Please know that this is here to help you become a well rounded and educated equestrian. If there are any topics that interest you or ideas that spark your curiosity do not hesitate to let me know! I will gladly update material and change the format to better suit all of you! Good luck this winter and embrace everyday! 


Weekly Schedule:

Mondays: take some time to create a weekly goal and review last week's goals. You will find prompts to help you analyze your success and set up for the future under "tasks"

Thursday: By Thursday evening your weekly readings and initial posts on the discussion boards should be complete. 

Tuesday-Sunday: Comment and Discuss the assignments and weekly readings amongst yourselves. 

Friday: Quizes will become available




Using the discussion boards: You will see there are different discussion boards for each assignment/topic. Please find the specific board and simply answer the prompt by creating a new discussion topic within the appropriate board. Make sure to read and comment on your peer's posts as well! 

Completing Goal Reviews: Every monday you will be expected to review your last week's goal and set a new once. To review your previous goal: comment on your discussion post under the 1 Week Goals topic and answer the questions below. To set the next goal: create a new discussion under the 1 Week Goals topic and Title it with your name and the week's dates. 

Questions for Weekly Goal Review: Were you able to reach your goal, if not why? Did this goal reveal any other weak spots and strengths you were not aware of? What did you learn with working on this goal? What will be the next step from here? 


Contant info

viber/whatsapp 0015084636482
Im usually available to answer between 12:30pm-4pm (your time) 


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